Monday, March 7, 2016

Chicken Pot Pies a la Tasty video Featuring Wolfgang Puck!

For those of you that happen to follow those Tasty cooking videos that usually show the recipe being made from an above-the-stove view that include the quantities as they are added and mixed, I've been enjoying drooling over them for some time now.  Recently, they worked in conjunction again with Wolfgang Puck to create yet another Chicken Pot Pie recipe.  

This time, instead of making the entire vehicle out of puffed pastry, they showed how to assemble it using a ramekin or other oven-safe vessel which you cover with rounds of the pastry.

Though there is a little prep work, and judging by the comments on the video, there is prep work even beyond what is listed in the video, the general process is pretty straight forward to make these.

Two big things come to mind.  First, to ensure a good consistency, pre-cook your veggies, particularly the carrots and potatoes.  I brought them both to a boil for several minutes in the same small stock pot that I later made the sauce in.  You don't really want to completely cook them.  Instead, get them to just past the "still crunchy" stage, but still fairly firm.  This should put them in a good place once they get their time in the sauce and in the oven.

Second, I used a medium onion as listed in the recipe, and this became a Chicken and Onion Pot Pie.  My medium onion was about half a cup of onion diced.  I'd recommend half that much, but you know.  Do what tastes good to you. 

The sauce came together exactly as the video described right down to the stick-to-the-spoon bit.  One thing I considered doing but forgot was to enhance the flavor with some fresh herbs like thyme or sage.  The general flavor between roasted chicken, the veggies, and salt and pepper is pretty good though rather simple.  It can be doctored up almost any way you'd like.

The pastry part of the equation was also really easy to work with.  Be sure you defrost the dough at least 30 mins before you work with it. 

The recipe created enough filling for 6 - 10 ounce pies (even though it says 4), though at the time I only had enough dishes for 4, so I have leftover "stew" for another time. :-) Your mileage by way of your vessel size may vary.  

Generally a pretty easy and highly rewarding recipe, and I can well imagine this will end up on the rotation served on its own or perhaps with a small side salad.

You can find the recipe here:

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