Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Apple Muffin A Day...

I like to follow several food blogs and one I enjoy is Macheesmo, a cooking blog from a guy by the name of Nick who encourages cooking in instead of eating out, and learning the basics and building on them to build confidence and do interesting and creative things in the kitchen.

Recently, he posted a recipe for Triple Apple Muffins, and I decided I just couldn't pass them up.  You can find it here! - >

I knew we had apples coming in the CSA box, so I snagged one for use in the recipe.  I think that was the only thing I would change because the Braeburn I used was not the best for baking.  They seem better suited for just eating, which is fine for now.  Next time I'll come up with something better.

Nevertheless, I used it anyway, and they still turned out really good.  The apple flavor was off the charts, and the apple sauce specifically made the muffins moist and tender.  The recipe got great reviews from all those who tested them. :-)

And the most difficult part?  Peeling, coring, and chopping the one apple.  The rest was a snap!

I'd highly recommend them, and I'd also highly recommend Macheesmo!

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